Pace of Play Policy

Players shall play without undue delay and in accordance with the Pace of Play guidelines laid down by the Committee. Rule 6-7, Players must play in 4 hours and 48 minutes or within 15 minutes of the group in front of them. FIRST OFFENSE: Warning and players have three holes to get back into position. SECOND OFFENSE: Official warning and put on the clock. Players have 40 seconds to play their shot and 1 minute on the greens to play. THIRD OFFENSE: One Stroke. FOURTH OFFENSE: Two Strokes. SUBSEQUENT OFFENSE: Disqualification.

Time Par per hole: Par 3 – 14 minutes, Par 4 – 16 minutes, Par 5 – 18 minutes
Par 72 – 4 hours and 48 minutes, 9 hole Par 36 – 2 hours and 24 minutes

First Offense: Warning and players have three holes to get back into position.
Second Offense: Official warning and group is put on the clock.
Third Offense: One Stroke Penalty
Fourth Offense: Two Stroke Penalty
Subsequent Offense: Disqualification

For great tips on Pace of Play, watch the videos below

*The group will be liable to penalties if in the Committee’s view a reasonable effort was not made by the players to complete their round within the allotted time. Any penalties will be confirmed in the scoring area.

*Once the Committee has realized that a group is “out of position,” monitoring will occur by a Rules Official or other SCJT staff member. Each player is expected to play a shot in no longer than 40 seconds, excluding play on the putting green. Timing will begin once the player has reached his/her ball, it’s his/her time to play and there are no distractions. Determining yardages is considered as part of your shot and will be included in the timing.

*The SCJT staff reserves the right to time a group when deemed necessary. Further, if a player is determined to be unreasonably slow he/she may be timed individually at the SCJT staff’s discretion, regardless of whether his/her group is out of position.